Duck-Grilling Tips from the Master

By author of The Duck Blog

DU's cooking guru Scott Leysath shares his secrets to perfect grilled ducks and geese

Just about everyone in the waterfowl world has heard of Scott Leysath. He's our version of a celebrity chef - appearing frequently on DU's TV programs and various websites. Leysath always presents a winner of a waterfowl recipe. He makes it look so easy.

This week, while perusing the Internet, I again came across a real home run. While I thought I was simply going to learn the secrets of making Rosemary Duck, I came away with a few gems of grilling mastery.

In this video, Leysath clues us in to a few very important rules of grilling waterfowl. He discusses how to place ducks on the grill the right way, and how to get a crusty, grilled texture complete with the signature "grill checkerboard". But, perhaps the best advice is a reference to letting the birds rest before grilling; it makes all the difference in the world. 

The unintended tips in this cooking video are what make it a must-view.