Gear Review: Cabela's Northern Flight One Strap Waders


Balog reviews the Cabela's Northern Flight One Strap wader


Here at the Duck Blog, we’re going to do a product review from time to time. When something comes out and it could really help your hunting, I want you to know. When something is a big waste of money, I also want you to know. Spending more on good gear and less on junk will keep a few extra bucks in your pocket that you could give to Ducks Unlimited. Which will help improve habitat, and, thus, duck numbers. Which means that I get to shoot more ducks that my dog rips the feathers out of and refuses to bring back and place in my hand.  So we all win.

Our first review is of the new Cabela’s Northern Flight One Strap hunting wader. Quite the mouthful, I know. Watch the video and see what you think. The big difference in these waders and others is the single strap design. The strap is attached to the back in the center, and then buckles up front over either shoulder. The purpose is to keep the strap / buckle out of the way when shouldering a shotgun. It’s a novel idea, especially for those of us who hunt with someone that comes up with every excuse under the rainbow when he misses. 

The other features on these waders are expected from Cabelas. Fleece-lined handwarmer pocket, Armor-flex coating, adjustable side gussets – you name it. I’m not usually a big fan of “big box brand” equipment, but, in the case of Cabela’s and their waders, I certainly am. I’ve owned several pair, and would put them up against any others. Perhaps the coolest thing about these waders, though, is the cell phone pocket. I go through a cell phone every year during duck season without fail. I swear to myself I won’t take it out in the blind, but then the hunting gets kind of slow, and I take it out, the ducks immediately appear out of nowhere, things get a little dicey…

Check out the review. And don’t laugh at my first appearance on camera for you all. Do these make me look fat?

For more information on these waders, visit the Cabela's web site.