Wood, Polycarb or Acrylic? Which Duck Call is Best for You?

By author of The Duck Blog

The crew from Fowled Reality discusses different types of duck calls, and when to use each.

We all know there are many different types of duck calls on the market. Old timers swear by wood; many of us started out with polycarbonate models, and the "pros" seem to all blow acrylic calls. So which one is best? 

In this episode of "The X," the Fowled Reality crew discusses the characteristics of each type of call, and when to use what. In addition, they discuss how and when to call birds -- and when to keep quiet.

The approach is basic and staright-forward, built on the experience of feet-down mallards. It provides us with an inside look and understanding of calling, and it's sure to work in your neck of the woods.