Check Out These Calls from Duck Commander

By author of The Duck Blog

New Models Feature Great Sound and are Easy to Blow

The 2018-'19 waterfowling season might be winding down, but it's never too late to improve your duck and goose sounds. Several new calls, introduced by Duck Commander in 2018, can help up your game.

Jase Robertson Pro Series (Chartreuse)

This call represents the culmination of more than 40 years of building duck calls. It sounds exactly like a hen mallard, and its unique design has given it two additional qualities: It has a piercing high end for open-water applications and a soft, raspy low end for finishing, and it’s the easiest-blowing call Duck Commander has ever made. The company combined those qualities into a great-looking laser-etched acrylic barrel at an affordable price.

The Flash

With a smooth, silky tone ducks cannot resist, The Flash is a soft-speaking call but can get loud if needed. It’s built with the Jase Pro Series modified reed system, in which the reeds harmonize with the air pressure like a single-reed but have the toughness of double reeds. It can replicate everything a hen mallard does and anything a hunter wants to do on a call, including quacks, feeding chuckles and hail calls.

Goose Commander Short-Reed Canada Goose Call

Made with short reeds, this call produces a sharp, crisp sound. It’s versatile enough to get loud or go soft when you need it, putting honkers right in front of your barrel.

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