Dr. Duck's Summer Gear Guide


The guys from Black Cloud reveal their go-to equipment picks

The thermometer might say 90, but it's still time to gear up for duck season. In this video, Dennis "Dr. Duck" Loosier and Billy Campbell, the co-hosts of Federal Premium's Black Cloud on Realtree 365, discuss their favorite stuff.

Top picks include:


  • Allure Decoys, which feature a paint scheme and body style designed by Dr. Duck. These realistic fakes really pop during low light, and they're light enough to lug into secret honey holes
  • Big Frig coolers, which keep snacks and drinks cold and dry during grueling all-day hunts.
  • Retay shotguns. These light inertia-driven guns put more pellets on target. And when you watch Dennis and Billy use them on Black Cloud, you'll agree.
  • Kicks choke tubes, which feature a unique design and porting system to produce sure-kill patterns.
  • Dr. Duck bags, which let you carry all the gear you need for pit blinds, timber hunts, dry-field shoots and more.

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