Duck Hunting Nation: Your Ultimate Waterfowl Guide

By author of The Duck Blog

Revamped section highlights hunting in every state

Coast to coast, flyway to flyway, Duck Hunting Nation lets you know where and when to pursue waterfowl. Photo © Bill Konway

The calendar maintains that summer still rules, but that’s a lie.

Days seem shorter and cooler, and the pop of shoulder pads has replaced the ping of ball bats on Friday and Saturday nights. Moreover, some of you have already ventured afield for mourning doves, giant Canada geese and early teal seasons.

It’s fall, baby, and duck hunting is on the horizon.

We’re here for you in a big way. has more waterfowl hunting content planned for this season than ever before. In fact, as our No. 1 pre-season priority, we’ve undertaken a massive upgrade of Duck Hunting Nation, your four-flyway, 49-state guide to all things duck hunting. (Yeah, that’s right; 49. Who knew Hawaii didn’t have a duck season?)

Our panel of experts has examined hunting opportunities, licensing considerations, harvest numbers, hunter participation, duck and goose populations and other factors in every state from Washington to Florida, and Maine to California. They’ve given each state a letter grade that reflects their admittedly subjective opinion about the quality of waterfowl hunting opportunities in each state, and have even thrown in information about some likely areas or public properties for vagabond hunters to check out.

And these aren’t just armchair opinions from casual duck hunters, either. Flyway reporters M.D. Johnson, Tom Carpenter, Joe Shead and some guy named Lovett are fanatical waterfowlers, and they’ve visited many of the states they profiled. Find out why they gave 13 states A grades but also handed out three D’s and even an F.

One note: You won’t find specific season or bag-limit information here for each state. Many states have several zones and splits, and detailing all that information would have eaten up precious space. Instead, we’ve provided you with links to each state’s waterfowl or season-information pages, so you can get dates, limits and other info straight from the source.

Dive into Duck Hunting Nation 2016-’17. Learn about opportunities in your state or a dream destination halfway across the country. It’s out there waiting for you, and you can read all about it here.

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