What Grandpa Would Think About the Waterfowling Social Media Scene

By author of The Duck Blog

Online Interaction Might Seem Strange to Old-Timers

There was no social media during Grandpa's heyday. Now, he's a bit confused by all the chatter. Photo © Bill Konway

Grandpa and other hunters of his generation have provided us with deep waterfowling knowledge gleaned through long experience afield. Still, we’ve wondered now and then what he might think of the modern duck and goose hunting scene.

As someone recently pointed out, he’d probably be most astonished by the way modern hunters interact via social media. Shoot, 15 years ago, even in the heyday of website forums, I couldn’t have envisioned the current scene. Grandpa? To him, social media involved hanging around the firehouse or gas station, or perhaps catching up with fellow hunters at the boat launch or a sportsmen’s banquet after the season. A computer was something eggheads played with at big universities, and the only Facebook he experienced involved that time he fell asleep at the library.

But in the spirit of fun and perhaps a bit of collective self-deprecation, here are some examples of how Grandpa might have reacted after scrolling through a typical day of waterfowling-focused social media posts.

Post: Video teaser for YouTube calling tutorial.

Grandpa: “Dang, that’s a pretty good lick on that duck call, son. But y’all are showing folks how to do that in a 20-minute video? It took me years to learn that stuff, and not many people wanted to help.”

Post: Hero shot showing smiling hunters and a pile of ducks.

Grandpa: “Nice job, boys. But you might want to crop the background out of that photo, because I recognize that spot. Thanks for the tip. Funny, but folks used to be able to keep their mouths shut.”

Post: Video showing decoy spread with multiple spinning-wing decoys.

Grandpa: “Ack … (stammers) ... sigh.”

Post: Shill job espousing the long-range lethality of the latest newfangled shells and chokes.

Grandpa: (Head in hands.) “Ugh … .”

Post: Image of hunters adorned with face paint staring dramatically at the camera.

Grandpa: “You know, I remember watching wrestling in the 1980s with my grandkids. Are y’all trying to be Hawk or Animal?”

Post: Trolling statements and contentious responses, with hunters arguing about ethics, regulations, tactics or trivial matters.

Grandpa: “Who has time for this? What’s the point, other than to shout, ‘Look at me,’ and boost your fragile ego? You’d think y’all might want to work together, as your numbers have been cut in half the past few decades, and they aren’t exactly making more wetlands or grasslands nowadays. But go ahead and keep on fighting. It’ll keep you busy until you’re irrelevant.”

Post: The Duck Blog.

Grandpa: "I have multiple concerns and corrections here. Let me get my list.”

Well, that’s all the space we have for today’s blog. Hope you enjoyed it. And I hope Grandpa provided a bit of wisdom and perspective on the modern social media scene. Gotta run, though. I hear the old man walking back with that list of grievances — and I hate it when he’s right.

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