What if Duck Hunters Talked Like Deer Hunters?

By author of The Duck Blog

Thankfully, they don’t. Otherwise, here are 13 weird things you’d hear in the duck blind

"A light east wind right in my face. Perfect for the diver point." (That's one of several deer hunting-esque quotes you'll never hear from a waterfowler.) Photo © Nick Costas

Pundits suggest that duck hunting and deer hunting differ only slightly, but we know the truth. If duck hunters started talking like deer hunters, the marsh would be a crazy place. You might hear things like:  

1. “I’m not seeing much rutting activity. We need to trim some hens from this property.”

2. “He’s a good drake, but I’d have really preferred to get him with my bow.”

3. “He had great plumage, but his third tail curl was broken, so I let him go. Hopefully he grows it back next year.”

4. “No, I can’t run the motor. I just showered and sprayed down my clothing with Scent Killer.”

5. “Big duck down!”

6. “The hit was a little far back, and he sailed into the next county. We’re going to let him rest overnight before picking up the trail tomorrow.”

7. "Let that group of snow geese go. They’re way too young."

8. “That wood duck’s crest is only 3 inches, and he’s at least 5 years old. Perfect cull duck. Take him!”

9. “I’m not sure who set this blind here, but we can’t hunt today. Those birds will wind us.”

10. "We challenged that drake’s dominance, and he couldn’t take it. Called him right in."

11. “We need to get some mineral sites in and do a trail camera survey of this slough.”

12. “I’m going to let this lease expire. The ducks here have terrible genetics.”

13. “A double-drop sprig? Man, that’s the pintail of a lifetime.”

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