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Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin. He's been a writer and editor in the outdoors industry since 1991.


What if Duck Hunters Talked Like Deer Hunters?

Pundits suggest that duck hunting and deer hunting differ only slightly, but we know the truth. If duck hunters started talking like deer hunters, the marsh would be a crazy place. You might hear things like: 1. “I’m not seeing much rutting activity. We need to trim some hens from...

Video: Another Delta Hen House Success

Matt Chouinard, senior waterfowl programs and Delta Marsh property manager for Delta Waterfowl , finds promising news at a Delta hen house in a prairie pothole . Check out this fascinating glimpse into the hatching process. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

4 Awful Duck Hunts and Lessons They Taught Me

Many of my barrel-melting duck hunts of the past four decades have revealed a few great truths about the sport. But I must admit: several stinkers actually hammered home tough lessons better than the best days ever could. Let’s examine four memorable, dreadful duck hunts and what they taught me...

Delta Waterfowl Video: Habitat and Conditions Update 2020

Has it been a good year for duck production? Delta Waterfowl ’s Matt Chouinard and Dr. Frank Rohwer analyze current breeding-duck habitat conditions. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

5 Duck Hunting Myths That Must Die

Modern waterfowlers know far more about ducks, hunting and habitat than our grandfathers did. And that makes you wonder why we continue to perpetuate myths and outright falsehoods. Some of these old rules make for good blind discussions . Others need to die. 1. Cloudy Days are Ducky Days Overcast...

5 Puddle Ducks You Love to Hate

In a blog this past month, I whined about aggravating diving ducks . But why save all the vitriol for big water when puddle ducks can also incite fits of rage? Consider these, some or all of which will likely visit a slough or flooded woods near you this fall...

North Dakota Reports Strong Breeding Duck Numbers

In a year filled with bad news, North Dakota has given waterfowlers reason for optimism. The state’s 2020 spring survey showed a breeding duck population of almost 4 million birds, an increase of 18 percent from 2019. “Conditions that we have seen since 1994 seem to be the new normal,...

Video: Atlantic Flyway Mallards — What You Need to Know

Dr. Frank Rohwer describes groundbreaking Delta Waterfowl research aimed at boosting mallard populations in the Atlantic Flyway. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl content. And check us out on Facebook .

5 Ways Duck Hunters Can Enjoy the Off-Season

Your duck boat has been in storage for months, and now that spring turkey season is finished, the cold reality of the off-season is finally sinking in. Don’t despair, though. You can actually use the months between duck campaigns to become a better hunter. Here’s how to make the off-season...

Video: Delta Waterfowl Seeks Solutions to the Pintail Problem

If you're like most duck hunters , you love seeing pintails in the fall flight but are tired of only being able to shoot one. In this video, Delta Waterfowl proposes an innovative solution. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting content. And check us out on Facebook .

3 Keys for Duck Hunting All Day

Sometimes, hunting all day is the only way to eke out full straps of ducks, and those ordeals can test your resolve and mettle. Careful preparation and a solid mindset can help you succeed during daybreak-to-sunset “grinder” hunts. Let’s examine three critical considerations to pull off sunup-to-sundown sits. Pick Your...

Should You Jump-Shoot Those Ducks?

Most waterfowling is straightforward. After mallards in green timber? Set up at a likely hole, and work that call. Honkers in cut corn? Set the layout blinds and full-bodies before dawn. Divers on big water? Launch in the dark, and have a layout spread ready at first light. But areas...