5 Dog Identification Tags Found in Belly of Massive Alligator Killed in South Carolina

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

One belonged to a deer hound that disappeared 24 years ago

Staff at Codray’s, a meat market and game processor near Ravenel, South Carolina, say they don’t typically check the stomachs of alligators brought into their shop. But when Ned McNeely brought in a massive 12-foot-long, 445-pound nuisance alligator that he killed on private property along the Edisto River in the ACE Basin estuary, they decided to make an exception. What they found was quite intriguing.

In a viral Facebook post, Codray’s said the staff found a number of bizarre items, including a spark plug and the metal jacket from a bullet, but most interesting were the five brass identification tags from dog collars.

They were able to read the names and phone numbers on two of the tags. They gave them a call and discovered that one of the phone numbers still worked. When staff members reached the man, he confirmed he’d lost a deer hound 24 years earlier while hunting leased property near the Edisto River where the alligator was killed.

“It definitely ate [the dogs],” shop owner Claudia Cordray told Fox News. “It was an old animal, 50 to 70 years old.”

Bobcat claws and turtle shell fragments were also found in the gator’s stomach.

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