Alberta Hunters Film Close Encounter with Mama Grizzly and Cubs

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The man said the encounter was “a little scary, but exciting”

An Alberta man and his father were hunting deer outside Edson last week when they had a close encounter with a large mama grizzly bear and her three cubs.

Justin Giesbrecht told CTV News, “We parked and decided to go in for a hike and see what we could find, but the moment I got out, I could see the mother bear came. So, we were like, ‘Uhhh, let’s hold on a minute here,’ and then three cubs popped out, and we were like, ‘Well, we’ll stay in the truck and see what happens.’”

As the grizzly and her cubs approached the truck, Giesbrecht pulled out his camera to film the bears.

“I’ve seen a lot of grizzlies, but not with three healthy cubs like that.”

In the footage, you see the mother bear approach the truck and stand on her hind legs to look through the front windshield.

“All of a sudden she goes to the front, disappears. I thought she was just going to walk by, and then all of a sudden, whoa! She just caught me off guard. It was amazing to see,” Giesbrecht said.

“My truck was parked kind of on an angle, so she was pretty tall; I’m assuming about 7 1/2 feet. Got my heart rate going.”

Giesbrecht and his family shared the video on social media, where it has gone viral.

Giesbrecht, who’s seen about a dozen grizzlies in the wild, told City News that, believe it or not, this wasn’t his closest grizzly encounter.  

“It came in and hit the brush. It kind of hit me and I fell back. My dad shot his gun in the air to scare it and it worked luckily.”

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