Andrew Ucles Captures Rabbit Using Venomous Snakes


Bear Grylls, step aside. Unless you can capture rabbits using venomous snakes or tackle a deer with your bare hands, it’s time to take a back seat to an Australian guy named Andrew Ucles. You see, Ucles can do both while wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of gym shorts.

Ucles is quickly gaining in popularity because of these totally awesome skills. The survivalist and animal expert uses his understanding of predator-prey relationship to wrangle some of Australia’s most dangerous wildlife. He posts videos of himself capturing all types of animals to spread the message of wildlife conservation and teach unique survival skills.

Ucles recently posted a tutorial video of what might be the coolest survival skill ever. In the video above, you watch as Ucles catches four venomous snakes and then proceeds to use them to capture a wild European rabbit. If you ever find yourself lost and starving in the wilderness, and insanity has set in, perhaps you too could catch a rabbit in such a way.

Ucles first flushes a rabbit into its hole; then he begins searching for venomous snakes in the area. He ends up catching three venomous red-bellied snakes and an extremely venomous tiger snake. But no worries, as Ucles says, “There's no use stressing if you have reflexes like a cat.”

Ucles then proceeds to place each of the snakes into a series of interconnected rabbit holes with the hopes of flushing the rabbit out. His tactic works and he ends up catching a live rabbit forced out by the snakes.

This video was posted a year after another video in which Ucles takes down a red deer using nothing but his bare hands. You can watch this video and a number of others on his website

So, check out his videos. What do you think about this guy?