Bear Bites Wisconsin Treestand Hunter

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Dalton Roach said the rabies shot hurt worse than the bite

We’ve all seen video footage of bears climbing up trees occupied by treestand hunters, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a hunter being bitten by a bear while in his stand.

According to, Dalton Roach was hunting in Wisconsin for deer when he spotted a 250- to 300-pound bear beneath his stand and started recording footage of it.

The bear quickly climbed 20 feet up the stand and bit the 25-year-old on the back.

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“I kind of pulled myself out and then stood around and turned in one motion to then face the bear and just started yelling and hollering, to say, ‘I get it, you’re here, but I need you to leave,’” Roach said.

After the bear climbed down from the tree, it lingered around for 30 to 45 minutes before eventually wandering off. Roach talked to a friend on the phone as he hiked the quarter-mile back to his truck. 

He made a trip to the emergency room, where he received the rabies vaccine, which he said hurt worse than the actual bear bite. Doctors told him he’d probably have no scars from the incident.

“I think it makes it a little less believable because I think people are under the impression if a bear bites you, you’re missing something,” Roach said. “So along with it being a cool story, it can be an educational tool too.”

Roach said it’s not uncommon for a bear to climb into a tree with a hunter.

“But the fact that he actually starting gnawing on me and stuff, like that was a little abnormal.”

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