Beaver Attacks Kayaker, Pulls Him Out of Boat

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

An aggressive beaver attacked a man and pulled him out of his kayak and into the Irondequoit Creek in New York last week.

Michael Cavanaugh of Lima, N.Y., was taking kayaking lessons when the vicious beaver attacked. Nate Reynolds, BayCreek Paddling Center instructor, told CNN he saw part of the attack.

“It was just a freak thing,” Reynolds said. “This beaver was upset about something and went after him.”

Reynolds said when he heard Cavanaugh yell his name, he ran out and saw his boat flip over.

"The beaver had actually jumped up and grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the kayak,” Reynolds said.

After pulling Cavanaugh out of the kayak, the beaver remained attached to his arm.That’s when Reynolds hit the beaver with his paddle with so much force that he broke the paddle.

After receiving treatment in the hospital for bite wounds on his back and arm, Cavanaugh is now recovering and is being treated for possible rabies exposure as a precaution.

The beaver’s carcass was spotted a few days later and taken by animal control to be tested for rabies.

Have you witnessed or heard of a beaver attacking someone?