Brown Bear Kills Soldier on Alaska Military Base

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Seth Plant, a U.S. Army staff sergeant from St. Augustine, Florida, was killed by the bear while scouting a possible training location

A brown bear killed one soldier and injured another at an Alaska military base last week.  

According to, Seth Plant, a U.S. Army staff sergeant from St. Augustine, Florida, was killed by the bear Tuesday, May 10.

A person unauthorized to speak on the record, but with knowledge of the attack, told Coffee or Die Magazine the soldiers passed a den containing a brown bear and her two cubs while scouting Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s Training Area 412 for possible use as a land navigation course. The sow attacked the two soldiers. The source said the bear left when the surviving soldier, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, deployed bear spray. 

According to Army Times, the attack is being investigated and more information will be announced as it becomes available.

During their search for the bear, Alaska Wildlife Troopers found a den with two bear cubs, but they have not yet located the bear responsible for the attack.

Seth Plant’s mother, Joy Plant, said her son knew how much he was loved by everyone. 

“He was the life of the party. He’s loved by everybody in the community, in his family, in the military.”

His uncle, veteran Barry Carlton, said his nephew wanted to serve in the military just like him.

“He wanted to do everything I did, and he followed in my footsteps and joined the army, became a paratrooper,” said Carlton. “Ten years after I was in Afghanistan, he went to Afghanistan, and he served honorably.”

Carlton said his nephew dreamed of becoming a Green Beret and was well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

After serving a year in Afghanistan, Seth Plant’s family said he spent 12 years in the Army, with much of the past year in Alaska.

His sister, Gini Solano, said he enjoyed spending time outdoors.  

“Just being outside all the time, he’d sit out there and just sit around, have a glass of bourbon and smoke a cigar,” said Gini Solano.

Joy Plant said Seth’s death has devastated her and the rest of the family.

“You never know what that feeling’s like until you see those military men standing in front of you and telling you things that you don’t want to hear,” she said.

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