Coyote Stops Thief From Breaking Into Car

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

I've covered a number of news stories over the years about aggressive coyotes in urban settings, and in many cases, someone or someone's pet ends up getting hurt. As more and more coyotes move into cities and neighborhoods, conflicts between the wild canines and people increase. But this time, an aggressive coyote did a good thing. It actually stopped a thief from breaking into a car. 

Cristy Trujillo recently posted home surveillance camera footage on Facebook showing a thief attempting to break into her stepfather's car in Downey, California, which is just southeast of Los Angeles. As you can see in the footage, a coyote appears out of nowhere and chases the guy away. The thief tries to hide from the coyote and checks to see if the coast is clear.

In the Facebook post, Trujillo wrote, "Who's scared now?" It's obvious the thief was pretty frightened, and who can blame him? Maybe he'll think twice before breaking into someone else's car with wild coyotes serving as the neighborhood watch. 

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