Deer Gores Michigan Woman

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The small buck was obviously somebody’s pet at one point

A Michigan woman suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a young buck last month.

The deer, which wore an orange collar, attacked Patty Willis when she was checking on a chicken coop on her property in Au Gres Township.

“He pushed me way back and I fell on my back and after that it was just screaming and holding on,” Willis, 64, told

Willis told the Detroit Free Press that she thought she was going to die.

“It was moving fast, so I turned and I braced myself. And he just knocked me straight down, I went back about 10 feet. You know, I just tried to stay alive. I somehow got a hold of his antlers and I just screamed and screamed.” 

She said she held the deer’s antlers and used her legs as a shield.

Hearing the screams, her son, Luke Willis, said he ran toward the deer, roaring to scare it off of her.

“I helped her up and every time I turned my back, the deer would try to come at us again,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “And I would have to stop, turn around, face it, and run at it a little bit to try to back it off.” 

When they got back inside the house, they called 911 and tried to stop the bleeding.

Willis, who received treatment at the hospital, suffered puncture wounds in her hand and right leg from the antlers and injuries to her left knee and shoulder. She said she couldn’t walk following the attack. 

“I couldn’t even laugh or cough,” Willis said, according to “I mean he really was brutal. The only thing I could think to say about this buck, very brutal.”

Lt. Brandon Keift with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said the deer has not been located and he is not sure if it is even still alive.

“Patty’s husband actually took a shot at the deer. They weren’t sure if he hit or missed it, but he did take a shot at the deer, and since then we haven’t seen it. So, we don’t know if the deer ran off and somehow is deceased somewhere else,” Keift told

After sharing their story on social media and talking to neighbors, the Willises learned that a neighbor had been keeping a deer and the DNR told them to let it go in the woods about a year ago. They believe the deer is likely the same one that attacked Willis.

Willis says she’s just glad she’s still here to tell her story.

“I’m alive. I’m alive,” Willis said.

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