Did You Know Opossums Did This?

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

In cartoons, sleeping opossums are often depicted hanging upside down by their tails. In reality, the muscles in an adult opossum's tail are not strong enough to support it for more than a moment and especially not during sleep. Young opossums are sometimes spotted hanging upside down by only their tails, but they don't sleep that way either. Still, the animal's prehensile tail comes in very handy. 

The word "prehensile" mean's capable of grasping. In addition to using its prehensile tail to aid in climbing, an opossum also uses it to carry nesting material. 

In the footage above, an opossum collects leaves with its mouth and then uses its feet to transfer them to its tail, enabling it to carry a large amount of leaves to its nesting location in one trip. 

Did you know opossums did this? Have you ever seen one carrying leaves in this manner?

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