Dog Chases Deer, Soon Regrets It

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The pup seemed to have a great time chasing the doe until she sent the dog tumbling

The dog in the video footage above was obviously having a great time chasing a doe, until the doe got the upper hoof. 

In the footage, which lasts several minutes, you hear a man and woman laughing as their dog and a deer chase each other throughout their yard. The dog escaped a lashing by the doe several times, until the doe finally landed a few good stomps, sending the dog tumbling. Finally wising up, the pup runs back toward the safety of the porch.

You hear the man say while chuckling, "Yeah, you better come in." 

Although some may mistake the doe as playing with the dog, she was distressed and defending what looks like her two older fawns, which appear in the video running alongside her. You also see the doe stamping her hoof, an alarm signal every hunter knows. 

The dog is lucky not to have been seriously injured or killed. While bucks can be very aggressive during the rut, does can be just as aggressive when they’re protecting their fawns. Although they don’t have antlers, those hooves are sharp and can do serious damage. In fact, several years ago, I wrote about a doe killing a dog while protecting her fawn

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