Elk Gores Man on Colorado Golf Course

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Zak Bornhoft suffered a 5-inch gash in his side and his kidney was split in two

A man received serious injuries after being gored by an elk while golfing on the Evergreen Golf Course in central Colorado.

The elk left a 5-inch gash in Zak Bornhoft’s side and split his kidney in two.  

According to his wife, Megan, Zak was golfing with a family member and two friends Saturday, Oct. 3, when the incident occurred. Throughout the day, the group had seen countless elk and avoided conflict, until they headed to the 17th hole.

“They kind of stopped because there was a herd of elk and one elk kind of came up and nudged the golf cart,” Megan told CBS4.

Zak was sitting on the passenger side of the golf cart when the elk approached. They tried to drive away from it, but the elk attacked.

“At that point, the horn went into the back of Zak’s right side, his right hip, and we found out that it then went through to his left kidney,” Megan said.

After the attack, the cart’s driver brought Zak to the clubhouse, where employees called an ambulance. Zak was taken to St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood where he spent time in intensive care.

Doctors have told Megan he should make a full recovery.

Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said although elk are a common sight on the Evergreen Golf Course, they can be dangerous.

“Elk love to go onto that golf course for the green grass and there’s a lot of people who love to go and watch them and we’ve got to all kind of find a way to coexist,” Clay said. “These are very powerful animals and an incident like this could really end up killing someone.”

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