Enter Your Tat in Realtree’s Hunting Tattoo Contest


Does the ink on your skin let the world know you’re a hunter to the bone? Do you have a hunting tattoo that you’re proud of? We want to see your hunting tattoos, and we want the stories behind them. Send a pic of your tattoo and why you have that particular tattoo to rteditorial@gmail.com by June 5. We’ll select some of our favorites to post on Realtree’s Facebook page. After Realtree Facebook fans vote on their favorites, we will post the top pics on Realtree.com for all to see.

I don’t have any cool tats myself, but I have several friends that do.

Wesley Machen of Alpine, Ala., has a tattoo of a big buck on his arm. The image isn’t just of any buck; it’s a replica of a bruiser he killed in 2009 at FarmLinks recreational property on Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, Ala. Machen, FarmLinks farm manager, pursued that deer for several years, and the day he bagged the 174 2/8-incher was one of the happiest of his life. He now proudly displays that buck on his arm for all to see and to remind him of the day he took that bad boy down.

“That was the buck of a lifetime for me,” Machen says. “It’ll probably be the biggest deer I’ll ever take, so I had to get a tattoo of the buck as a tribute. In the summertime, I cut the sleeves off of my shirts so everyone can see it. You wouldn’t believe the people that come up and make comments. I show it off for sure, and everyone asks about it. I live and breathe deer hunting, so it’s the perfect tattoo for me.”

Do you have a hunting tattoo? Does it tell a personal story or does it simply represent your passion for the hunt. Send us a picture and tell us all about it.