Exposure to Bear Repellent Sends 24 Amazon Workers to Hospital

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

When I read the story about 54 New Jersey Amazon warehouse workers suffering from exposure to bear repellent, I could almost taste the bear spray in my mouth. I remember how my eyes burned and watered and how I felt like I'd never get relief. I can sympathize with the warehouse workers because I too had been exposed to bear repellent and, let me tell you, it's no fun.

Fortunately, my friends and I did not end up in the hospital like two dozen of the workers who were exposed to the repellent through a damaged aerosol can, but I can see how they'd end up there. In fact, one of the workers is in critical condition. Bear repellent is nothing to mess with.

Have you or anyone you know ever been sprayed by bear repellent?

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