Family Has Playful Encounter with Wild Deer

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

An East Bank, Virginia, family's day outdoors took a wild turn when a friendly young buck decided to take part in the sunny-day activities. 

According to ABC 33/40, the family has had deer visit their yard before, but "they never actually got close," Amy Dempsey of East Bank said. Dempsey said the deer came from the woods behind their home into their yard last Saturday morning.

As you can see in the video, a child touches and grabs the deer, which could be quite dangerous. Fortunately, the deer didn't hurt the child — this time.

"I noticed it was a good deer," 4-year-old Hayden Blagg said.

Dempsey said her neighbors tossed the deer some doughnuts, and before they knew it, the deer they named Oliver Rainbow had jumped in the pool and started playing with a beach ball.

"He likes to play, he will come and nudge you with his head, but he has never been aggressive he justs likes to play," Dempsey said.

After about a 1.5 hours, Oliver left Dempsey's yard, but hours later he was back playing with the children.

Dempsey said when she posted these videos to social media she learned more about Oliver.

"Someone said he injured his leg and somebody has been feeding him till he got better, so maybe that is why he is used to people," Dempsey said.

She said during Oliver's second visit he stayed for a bowl of ice cream. Dempsey's neighbors say Oliver came back Sunday morning and they fed him some trail mix.

As you know, feeding a wild deer sweets is probably not the best idea. It will no doubt continue to return looking for treats. And, when the rut rolls around, this deer will not be as docile toward the family as it is now.

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