Fishermen Find Frozen Boa Constrictor in Ohio River

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Two men fishing the Chagrin River in Ohio many not have caught any fish during their recent trip, but what they hauled out of the water had everyone talking.

Sam Lincoln and his friend were fishing when they looked up and saw a large half-frozen boa constrictor wrapped around a log partially submerged in the water.

Lincoln posted photos of him with the snake on Instagram with the caption: "When you're trying to swing up some holiday steel and you don't catch any fish but you catch a 16-foot constrictor instead." 

Surprisingly Cleveland Metroparks aquatic biologist Mike Durkalec says it's not the first time he's come across a dead constrictor.

"Over the years, I've had two incidents where I've personally seen constrictors dead along our rivers this time of year," Durkalec said. "One was a 7-foot animal snagged by a fisherman; the other one, I found myself just along the side of the river. That was about a four- to five-foot boa."

Owners of large constrictors need to remember that the snakes can only survive in warm climates, so when cold winter temperatures set in, they die. In addition, they harm native wildlife during the warmer months. For these reasons, Durkalec recommends taking an unwanted constrictor to an animal rescue shelter instead of releasing it into the wild. 

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