Florida Scientists Discover Fully Intact 5-Foot Alligator Inside Python

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Video footage showing scientists pulling the alligator out of the snake has gone viral


Scientists at a Florida lab got quite the surprise when they performed a necropsy on a python and discovered a 5-foot alligator inside.

Scientists say the alligator was mostly intact inside the serpent’s belly.

According to USA Today, the 18-foot python was caught by workers in the Everglades National Park and euthanized on site.

Video footage of the discovery shot by Rosie Moore and posted on her Instagram page shows scientists evaluating the bulge in the python's stomach before cutting it open on the floor.

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"The alligator was fully intact," Moore said. "Just slight decay on the outer dermal layer. The osteoderms (the bony deposits on the skin) were completely intact!"

Moore said the alligator’s size and slight decomposition made for a foul odor.

"The smell was horrendous," she said.

In October, more than 230 pythons were removed from the Everglades as part of an annual competition to eliminate the invasive species from the South Florida wetlands preserve.

"These snakes have successfully invaded ecologically sensitive areas such as Everglades National Park," Moore wrote. "This poses a threat to a variety of wildlife, due to the pythons' wide dietary preferences."

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