Game Warden Shoots, Kills Fisherman Who Tried to Drown Him

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory


On the surface, the job of a game warden may sound rather uneventful, but in truth, game wardens face many dangers inherent to the job on a regular basis. One Oklahoma game warden understands this all too well. While checking fishing licenses at a pond in Adair County on Sunday, the game warden was forced to shoot and kill a fisherman who tried to drown him.

According to, the officer shot an Arkansas man after the man reportedly tried to hold the officer’s head under water.  

The game warden approached three fishermen in the Bunch area and requested to see their fishing licenses. Upon learning that one of the fishermen, Billy Joe Patrick, 29, had a warrant in Arkansas for a parole violation, the warden attempted to take him into custody. Patrick began fighting with the game warden and tried to hold his head under the water. The game warden was able to get above the water and shoot Patrick, who died at the scene.

The warden was treated for minor injuries at an area hospital.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation officers and Adair County deputies are investigating the altercation. 

Are you a game warden? If so, have you ever felt that your life was in danger while on the job?