Granny Kills Wolf with an Ax


You shouldn't mess with 56-year-old Aishat Maksudova, a grandmother from Russia, as one wolf found out just last week.

Maksudova, who lives in the village of Novo Biryuzyak in the Dagestan region, was herding sheep and cows with a group of villagers when she heard the sound of a calf being attacked by a wolf. When she confronted the wolf in an attempt to scare it away, it attacked her, but she didn’t back down.

“When I raised my arm up like this, the wolf was just holding my hand,” Biryuzyak says. “Trying to claw my hand. I wanted to open his mouth and put my fist all the way there, all the way to his throat. But I could not open him. So I just left my hand, and the wolf was just clawing into it, pulling on it, pulling away like this. And then I took the axe and hit him on his head.”

She had to strike the wolf with the ax several times before it finally died. Those in her province now consider her a hero, and Gawker has given Maksudova the title of "Most Badass Person in Russia."

Badass indeed.

Check out this video and share your thoughts on this grandmother’s brave response to the wolf attack?