Ground Blind Hunter Films Realtree-Clad Thief In Food Plot

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Usually, when you see someone in a video donning a shirt with the Realtree logo on it, they’re hunting or enjoying some aspect of the outdoors. Sadly, in this case, it seems the filmed Realtree logo-wearer was not after game or outdoors adventure; allegedly, he was after another man’s property.

In an article posted on, Brodie Swisher recounts his encounter with the alleged trespasser. Swisher was hunting from a blind in one of his brand new food plots when the intruder showed up. Swisher, who had been filming a doe on his property, turned his camera to the man wearing the dark-colored sweatshirt walking across his property.

“I immediately knew this wasn’t just any trespasser,” Swisher wrote in “The afternoon was warm. It was t-shirt weather. Yet this dude had a black hoodie on with his hood up and pulled forward to conceal his face. A cig hung from his mouth as he nervously glanced from side to side making his way across the food plot.”

You can hear Swisher in the video shouting, “What are you doing, son?”

Startled, the man replies, “Oh, just walking around. I think I’m lost.”

The guy turns around and leaves the property as Swisher continues to yell at him.

Swisher immediately recognized the man's voice as belonging to the guy who’d assisted the plumber who’d worked at the house Swisher’s family was building on the property. The thief had worked at the house all week, and it seems he was headed back there to steal tools, equipment, and Swisher’s 4-wheeler.

Swisher called the plumber that night and sent him video of the guy. The plumber confirmed it was in fact the man who'd been helping him.

Swisher also sent the video to the local sheriff. Ended up that the guy had three warrants out against him for theft of property. Within 24 hours, he was in jail for other crimes he’d committed.

Swisher said he thanks God for the timing of things on that day and is glad that one more criminal is off the streets.

Have you ever encountered a trespasser or thief while hunting?