Herpetologist Locates More Than 30 Snakes During North Georgia Hike

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Noah Fields enjoys “flipping tin” and sharing his herping excursions on YouTube

Snakes are a common sight for avid hikers, but imagine encountering more than 30 snakes during your next outdoor excursion. Seeing that many snakes would send many an avid hiker back to his or her car, but not Noah Fields. Nope, Fields considers such a day a big success.

Fields, 22, of Newnan, Georgia, hosts the NKF Herping channel on YouTube, where he showcases his adventures in search of amphibians and reptiles.

In the herping video above, he locates more than 30 snakes — both venomous and nonvenomous — during an excursion in North Georgia. His discoveries include multiple copperheads, several rattlesnakes, garter snakes, ringnecks, and more.

In the video description, Fields writes, “After a long summer in West Texas, I'm mostly caught up on footage and ready to start rolling out Georgia content again! I have a few more Texas videos to post but have decided to post them along with the GA content over the next few weeks. This video features my first outing since returning, an amazing hike on a rainy day in the mountains of North Georgia!”

Finding more than 30 snakes in one day may sound like a lot, but Fields has found more. Check out this video footage of the day he located more than 50 snakes during a herping outing in Louisiana.

NKF Herping boasts 113,000 subscribers and is growing. Fields told the Savannah Morning News, “I want to spread the passion and excitement of encountering these wonderful animals in nature.”

Fields has a deep passion for herping and has enjoyed searching for reptiles and amphibians since he was a child.

“Amphibians and reptiles have been my passion as long as I can remember. From the time I could walk I was out exploring, looking for animals. My dad would take me down to the Okefenokee region. We would stop and flip tin for snakes along the way.”

Flipping tin is just one of the tactics Fields uses to locate critters. During long treks afield, he searches under rocks, ledges, logs, and other structures where snakes are known to seek shelter. It can be hard work, but Fields says it’s worth it.

“Surprises abound, it’s always Christmas morning when you are herping!” Fields told the Savannah Morning News.

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