Home Security Footage Shows Buck Attacking Couple in Driveway

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The woman suffered seven puncture wounds and a crushed vertebra


A Wyoming woman was hospitalized after a buck gored her just outside her back door. Home security footage shows the buck attacking the woman and her husband when he tried to help.

According to KSLTV.com, when Wanda Kaynor walked outside her Evanston home to take her husband, Daniel, to an appointment, the buck attacked.

“There was this buck sitting there, just laying there,” Daniel said.

The deer’s presence startled both Wanda and her dog. The dog ran at the deer, which became aggressive.

“He went after him. Of course, the buck didn’t like that. So, he went after him with his antlers and shoved him underneath the car,” Daniel said.

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Wanda tried to protect her dog.

“She threw her hat at the thing, and of course, it came after her now,” Daniel said.

The buck then gored Wanda with its antlers, inflicting seven puncture wounds. It also knocked her to the ground, crushing a vertebra in her back. Daniel came outside when he heard Wanda’s screams.

“I grabbed him by the antlers, trying to pull him off,” he said.

The deer’s antlers punctured Daniel along his waistline.

“It happened so fast,” he said.

Wanda managed to get away from the deer, and a UPS driver delivering a package across the street lifted her into a car and a neighbor drove her to the hospital.

“We just got instantaneously all of this help,” Daniel said.

He said once his wife leaves the hospital, she’ll spend a couple of weeks at a rehabilitation center.

A relative notified Wyoming Fish and Game about the dangerous deer, and a wildlife officer put the animal down.

Daniel said both he and his wife are traumatized from the ordeal.

“Having a buck stomp on you on the ground… I was pretty traumatized last night myself,” he said.

“Wild animals are wild animals,” he said.

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