Hunter’s Trophy Elk Rack and Hunting Gear is Stolen Out of Truck Bed

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Approximately $5,000 worth of hunting gear was also snatched

Adam Grenda's massive elk rack and almost $5000 worth of hunting gear was stolen from his brother-in-law's truck bed. Image by John HafnerA Montana hunter’s prized 340-inch 6x7 bull elk rack was snatched out of the back of brother-in-law's truck in a Billings, Montana, hotel parking lot.

Adam Grenda says it all feels like a bad dream.

“Came down just for archery elk hunt and I ended up getting one. I was pretty happy," Grenda told “Woke up and it was like your worst nightmare. The elk rack was gone.”

Grenda, who lives in King Salmon, Alaska, had just completed a two-week hunting trip in central Montana, where he tagged an impressive bull elk that he planned to show off in his collection of mounts.

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“I’ve shot a lot of stuff. I shot a huge Boone and Crockett moose this year, a Boone and Crockett big horn sheep, which is like most people’s pinnacle, but this elk was probably one of my most prized trophies,” he said.

The thief or thieves not only took the rack, but they also stole an estimated $5,000 worth of gear, including his brother-in-law’s bow, from his brother-in-law's truck sometime between 3 to 5 a.m on Saturday, October 8, 2022. His brother-in-law, who’d left the hunting group early and was driving the bull back to Idaho, stopped at the C'Mon Inn Hotel & Suites to reset for a couple of hours.

“It crossed my mind, but I’m like, you don’t need to bring an elk rack inside. It’s like 90 pounds with the cape and you’re not going to take it through an elevator and upstairs into a motel room for three, four hours. Hindsight, probably should have done that,” he said.

Grenda filed a police report and is asking people to keep their eyes open for his KUIU duffle bag full of most of his hunting gear and the elk rack.  He says the duffle bag has his name and phone number on it.

“You know, you can eat the elk and have elk meat and my kids are all going to enjoy it. But, at the end, that meat is going to be gone and I want the memory on the wall… I can’t believe a coward would take that,” Grenda said.

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