Kids Watch Through Window as Bear Cub Destroys Flamingo Float

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

What youngster wouldn't love to play with a big, pink flamingo pool float? When a bear cub wandered into one California family's yard, it just couldn't help but to pounce on the pool toy. 

The Liang family watched in amusement from the safety of their home as the bear cub wrestled with the float. Of course, the float was no match for the cub's sharp teeth and claws. While the family didn't want their pool toy destroyed, they obviously had a lot of fun watching the cub play with it. But, the mama bear didn't seem quite as pleased. You can almost see the annoyance on her face as she tries to convince the cub to leave the float alone and follow her. But, as mamas of all species know, it's not always easy to pull kids away when they're having a big time. Finally, the mama bear uses a tactic many of us moms have used when the kids refuse to leave. She turns around and walks off, hoping that the cub will follow. Her move worked, but the cub dragged the float along with it as it followed its mother out of the yard. 

Have you had any backyard bear encounters? 

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