Large Black Bear Filmed Wandering Down Hallway of Colorado YMCA

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Anna Williams said the bear growled and started to charge at her

Bears are trying to fatten up for the winter, which means they sometimes follow their noses into buildings or other areas occupied by people. That’s what happened last week when a large black bear was filmed walking down a hallway in the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

Anna Williams, an employee of the YMCA, captured cellphone footage of the bear ambling down the hallway toward her, which she shared on her Facebook page.

Williams wrote in her post that she was working at the YMCA’s front desk late last Thursday night when she heard a crash in the lobby and went to investigate.  

“I thought it might be a human who needed help,” Williams said. “The idea that it was a bear had crossed my mind, but I wanted to make sure, so I could call security to report it. I walked down the hall, and sure enough, there was a giant black bear raiding the fridge. It saw me, and wheeled around to try to get out, but couldn’t get the door open.”

Williams said she ran back down the hall to her room and called the front desk so security could be alerted. She then grabbed her cellphone to document the intruder.

“It seemed curious as I filmed it, but towards the end, I think it felt threatened and trapped,” Williams said. “It growled and started charging at me. That’s when I popped back into my room and shut the door. A little while later, I heard security come in and chase it out.”

She reminds people that black bears can be dangerous in situations where they feel threatened or when they feel that their cubs are threatened, but they are generally very skittish animals.

“For the most part, the only reason they even come close to where humans are is to get food,” she said. “It’s the time of year where the bears are trying to bulk up for the winter, and this guy was just looking for some extra calories to keep him warm during hibernation.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is aware of the video but says it has no additional info concerning the bear.

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