Listen to Lynx Scream at Each Other

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

This is not what I thought lynx would sound like when yelling at each other. To me they sound like those screaming goats you occasionally see on YouTube videos or like people trying to make animal sounds. I was also surprised to see them butt heads during their confrontation. 

No matter how odd they may sound, it's no doubt super cool that someone was able to catch the interaction between these two Canada lynx on video.

According to Science Alert, the encounter was filmed by Edward Trist and his girlfriend Nicole Lewis on a rural logging road.

"We started off down this road and there were two lynx on the road and as we approached, they didn't move which was really odd," Trist told Global News.

"We got out and started filming it … what we caught on camera is very, very rare to catch."

Luke Hunter of global wild cat conservation organization Panthera told Science Alert that the cats' dispute probably has something to do with mating.

"Canada lynx, due to their harsh winters, are highly seasonal breeders, and this is right at the end of their usual breeding period," he told Live Science.

He said lynx that haven't had a chance to breed will be getting desperate to do so, which may be the reason for this stand-off.

Hunter said the sex of these lynx can't be determined from this video, but their behavior indicates that they're a male and female. He said the male probably wants to mate with a disinterested female.

"They're sort of standing off from each other, and both are doing their best not to escalate," he said.

"They're engaging in a ritualized way of trying to assess whether the other party is dangerous, whether it's a mating opportunity, because you don't want to rush in and start a fight … All the vocalization and movements are designed to ... defuse the possibility of real danger."

Lynx are usually solitary and elusive animals, so seeing one, much less filming a confrontation between two, is quite a treat. 

Trist said they watched the lynx for approximately 10 minutes and then drove off. The animals were so engaged in their argument that they didn't move as the car drove past them.

Have you ever seen a lynx?

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