Logger Uses Forwarder to Rescue Bear with Head Stuck in Milk Can

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

This has to be one of the most unique animal recues ever filmed. An unfortunate black bear managed to get its head stuck in an old-fashioned milk can. Unable to free itself, it wondered aimlessly into a Wisconsin cornfield. 

A report from local news station WEAU said logger Garrett Smith happened upon the bear while working in the field.

Instead of risking life and limb to try to pull the can off of the bear’s head using his bare hands, Smith came up with a creative idea. He got permission from the landowner to come back with a log forwarder tractor, which is used to move around felled trees, to try and free the bear. After a couple of attempts, he managed to wrap the forwarder’s claws around the can and pull it off the bear’s head. The freed, and no doubt relieved, bear then scampered into the forest.

That’s one lucky bear and one cool dude for coming up with this unique rescue plan. What do you think about his plan for freeing the bear?