Man Bitten by 15-Foot-Long Great White Recounts Attack

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Steve Bruemmer received 28 units of blood during the two-hour-long surgery to repair his legs

A 62-year-old swimmer says the day a 15-foot-long great white shark attacked him in California’s Monterey Bay was both the unluckiest and luckiest day of his life.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the attack occurred just before 11 a.m. on June 22 off Lovers Point Beach. Steve Bruemmer says he suffered severe injuries to his stomach and legs, but thanks to the people who pulled him out of the water and the medical staff who provided care, he will recover and walk again.

Bruemmer says he was about 150 yards from the beach when the shark grabbed him across the abdomen and thighs.

“It grabbed me and pulled me up and then dove me down in the water,” Bruemmer told KRON 4. “Then, of course, it spit me out. I’m not a seal. It was looking for a seal. We’re not their food. It spit me out.”

Bruemmer says he pushed at the shark with his hand and kicked at it with his foot and the shark swam off.

He says when he started yelling for help his bad luck changed.

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“Two people, Amy and Paul, were coming in on paddleboards. They veered over to me. One a nurse and one a policeman who had his cellphone with him and called 911 immediately.”

A surfing instructor swam over to help as well, and they all put him on the surfboard and took him back to the beach.

“Heroes. How do you get in bloody water with maybe a shark circling beneath you to save a stranger?”

He says there happened to be two ICU nurses and a doctor on the beach who made tourniquets out of their t-shirts to stop the bleeding. They carried him to the ambulance and in just 40 minutes from the 911 call, he traveled the 28 miles to the Natividad Medical Center, where the medical staff saved his life. He said during the two-hour operation, they used 28 units of blood.

“I’m going home now,” Bruemmer said. “I want to thank Natividad and the good Samaritans and the people on the beach and the lead-footed ambulance driver. Without you, I don’t make it. And the blood donors. Thank you so much.”

The shark was not located after the attack.

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