Man Explains How He Strangled Mountain Lion to Death

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Last week we reported about a Colorado man who strangled a mountain lion to death after it attacked him. The man, who is recovering from his injuries, recently revealed his identity and told his story at a press conference.

Travis Kauffman said he was running down a trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park when he heard some pine needles rustle and a stick break behind him. When he turned, he said he was "pretty bummed out" to see a mountain lion chasing after him. The young mountain lion bit down on Kauffman's wrist and clawed at his face. They wrestled and tumbled down an embankment before Kauffman managed to pin the lion down. He hit it on the back of the head with a rock several times, but that didn't stop the aggressive animal. He then managed to jam his foot onto the cat’s neck and held it there until it quit thrashing and died.

After telling his story, Kauffman jokingly asked those attending the press conference, "Who all are disappointed that I am in fact not Chuck Norris?" The crowd of course laughed. He may not be Chuck Norris, and the mountain lion may have been small and young, but Kauffman is still a pretty tough dude in my book. 

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