Man's Canoe Gets Stuck on Large Alligator

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Imagine for a moment that you're paddling down a peaceful river when all of the sudden your canoe gets stuck. It happens. Canoes often get stuck on rocks and other types of debris. Only this time your canoe is actually stuck on a very large alligator!

See Through Canoe, a Seminole, Florida, company that makes transparent kayak/canoe hybrids recently posted a video of the gator popping up under the canoe on Instagram.

The caption read: “That moment when you realize your canoe is stuck on an alligator’s back.”

“There really wasn’t time to do anything but hold on when this gator rose up from the muddy water below and bumped the See Through Canoe,” said the original Instagram poster about the encounter. “He stayed there for what seemed like forever, with the canoe sort of stuck on his back. When the gator finally backed up and submerged, the canoe moved with him for a few feet before he went down.”

Could you have stayed as calm as the guy in the canoe on top of the alligator? 

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