Mexican Authorities Capture and Castrate Hair-Sniffing Bear

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

People are angry, but experts say the procedure and animal’s removal were necessary


Remember the curious young male black bear that made the news a few weeks ago after video footage showed him pawing at a woman and sniffing her hair? Well, Mexican authorities just captured and castrated him and people aren’t happy about it. 

According to BBC News, folks are questioning the procedure and the bear’s removal to a different state. Locals named the bear “Chipi” after Mexico’s Chipinque Ecological Park, where he harassed visitors and nearby residents.

Experts said they had to trap and remove Chipi because he’d become accustomed to being fed by humans, which made him very dangerous.

Officials from the federal environmental protection agency (Profepa) captured the 212-pound juvenile bear as he slept in the backyard of a home after the residents alerted the authorities.

Veterinarians at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León examined the bear, fitted him with a radio collar, and castrated him.

The agency released a statement saying that the decision to castrate the bear was made by the coordinator for wildlife at the university after consulting with Profepa’s director-general for wildlife control, Martín Vargas Prieto.

Prieto said the bear needed to be castrated so he wouldn’t fight with other bears once he is released in the Sierra de Nido mountain range in Chihuahua state.

People in the state of Nuevo León, where the bear was captured, are angry over both the castration and the planned move to Chihuahua. But others have commented on social media saying outrage should instead be directed at those visitors and guides who fed the bear in an effort to take selfies with him

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