Mountain Lion Kills Leashed Chihuahua Mix on Walk in Hollywood Hills

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Security camera footage shows the mountain lion attacking the dog

Sad security camera footage captured the moment a mountain lion grabbed a small leashed dog out for a walk in California’s Hollywood Hills.

The footage shows the mountain lion walking down the street in a neighborhood and pouncing on Piper, a blue merle Chihuahua mix, during her stroll with a dog walker.

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Piper’s owner, Daniel Jimenez, told KTLA he was out celebrating his daughter’s birthday when he received a text from the dog walker saying that a mountain lion “attacked and took away your dog.”

“We thought it was a joke, but it turned out it was real and we were just shocked,” Jimenez said. “My wfe and I got Piper in 2014. We rescued her and she was just the sweetest dog. We’re just devastated at the loss of our little dog.”

Piper was one of two leashed dogs being walked by the dog walker.

The mountain lion has not been positively identified, but the National Park Service told CNN the cat responsible for Piper’s death was likely P-22, one of several mountain lions the National Park Service tracks with GPS collars. P-22 is an 11-year-old male that weighs approximately 123 pounds and spends much of his time within Griffith Park.

Biologists trapped and collared the mountain lion in 2012.

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