Nonviolent Offenders Sentenced to Roadkill Cleanup


Commit a nonviolent crime in Ingham County, Michigan, and you might find yourself picking up dead animals off of the road. Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth announced last week that the new roadkill clean-up program, which began in April 2012, is a success.

With an acronym that sounds much cooler than the task it represents, D.A.R.T., or the Dead Animal Recovery Team, has a special trailer equipped with scoop shovels, gloves and reflector vests. An image of the trailer is posted on The program is part of sentencing for offenders mandated to perform community service in the 55th District.

Since the program’s inception, 21 offenders have collected 382 animal carcasses during the 29 Saturdays they've worked. The program saved taxpayers $1,600 that would have been used for jail space and provided a valuable service to the community. The offenders are supervised by a volunteer deputy, who drives the vehicle that pulls the trailer.

I think this would have been a suitable punishment for the two women I wrote about in my blog on Monday who stole and ran over a man's buck with their car. Do you agree?

So, do you think this program will deter the offenders from committing a second offense?