Police Shoot Mountain Lion That Killed Pets, Charged Officers

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Residents in a Fontana, California, neighborhood can finally breathe a sigh of relief thanks to quick-acting officers who shot and killed a mountain lion responsible for killing pets in the area.

Homeowner Yvonne Martin spotted a mountain lion sleeping behind a bush in her backyard and called the Fontana police.  

Martin told ABC 7 News, "I told my husband, 'something's out here,' and it wasn't moving and he said, 'I think that's a mountain lion,'" she said.

Animal services officers had been searching for the mountain lion, which had been spotted near parks and schools, for the last several days and had killed animals at two separate homes. 

When officers responded to the call, they found the lion in the back of the house. When it spotted them, it charged and the officers opened fire.

"He came around the bush and then he started, he like pranced at the one cop that shot him and then he went over the fence," Martin said.

Authorities created a perimeter and searched for the lion, while telling people to stay in their homes.

Resident Amanda Padilla said she heard a series of gunfire.

"We heard like four more shots go off. Then we heard cops say, 'It's down. It's down. It's down,'" she said. "I mean, they had to do what they had to do, but it's sad."

Pet owners in the area say they are glad the mountain lion is gone. 

"We hate that they had to shoot it, but it saved my dog," Jones said.

Animal control officers said the female mountain lion was thin and not acting normally and they believe she was sick.

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