Rabid Bobcat Attacks Connecticut Couple and Their Dog

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The husband, wife, and dog have all received treatment for rabies exposure

A woman is recovering from injuries after a rabid bobcat attacked her, her husband, and their dog inside the garage of their Connecticut home last week.

Malcolm Jones told Fox 61, “If I had not been here, I have a really bad feeling something really bad would have happened.”

On the evening of the attack, Jones says he heard a scuffle outside just after it got dark. 

“We heard a fight going on and by the time I came out with a flashlight, the fight was over and the dog was running in the house,” he said.

At first Jones and his wife thought a skunk had attacked their dog due to the smell, but they soon realized it was a bobcat, which attacked Jones’ wife before they could react.   

“I said there was a bobcat and she turned and the bobcat came into the garage and launched itself over the tractor onto her,” he said.  

Jones grabbed the bobcat and hit it repeatedly with a log.

The cat later died.  

A responding animal control officer said the bobcat tested positive for rabies.

Melody Sandquist, the head animal control officer in Southbury, said, “We have wildlife. We have rabies. It’s something that has been around for years. In terms of one rabid animal, does that mean we’re going to have 100 rabid animals by next year ... not necessarily.”  

Sandquist warns people to make sure their pets are always up to date on their vaccines.  

“If an animal, a domestic animal, is not up to date on its rabies vaccine, they can be placed under a six-month quarantine and even subject to euthanasia,” said Sandquist.

The dog that was attacked was already up to date on its vaccinations but received a rabies booster as a precaution.  

The Joneses are both receiving treatment for rabies exposure.

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