Raccoon Attacks 6-Year-Old Boy

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A 6-year-old boy is undergoing rabies-prevention shots and recovering from bite wounds after being attacked by a possibly rabid raccoon. 

David Tumarkin, whose left leg is bandaged in two places, told CBS Boston the attack was scary.

The Tumarkins were eating watermelon at their backyard table in Newton, Massachusetts, when they first spotted the raccoon in a nearby tree. Suddenly the raccoon charged at them across the yard.

“We were so surprised,” said Albina Tumarkin.

The family said they panicked when the raccoon sunk its teeth into David’s leg, prompting the youngster’s grandfather to stomp on the raccoon.

“I did exactly, because he make some real deep bites,” Lenny Tumarkin said.

The raccoon let go and retreated as the grandfather hit it with a rock. David’s dad didn’t waste any time getting his son to the hospital.

“My dad took me in the car and we were going to the emergency,” David said.

The raccoon was long gone by the time police arrived, but since its bizarre behavior suggests possible rabies, David has already undergone his first round of shots.

“I think he was sick,” David said.

David’s parents say although their son is an animal lover, the attack has left him afraid to venture into the backyard.

“That’s awful and my kid is so scared now,” Albina said.

The raccoon was last seen scurrying down nearby Frances Street. In order to know for sure if the raccoon has rabies, it'd have to be caught, killed and its brain tested for the disease. In the meantime, their son's rabies treatments will continue.

Have you ever encountered a rabid animal? 

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