Rare Trail-Cam Footage Shows Mountain Lion Stalking Coues Deer

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The time-stamped videos show the mountain lion was following two minutes behind the deer

It’s not every day one gets to witness a mountain lion stalking its prey. That’s why this trail-cam footage is so special.

YouTube account coyotecams posted video footage from two trail cams last week with the following commentary.

“Yesterday while checking my trail cameras I was thrilled to find I had captured this series of videos of a mountain lion stalking a large Coues buck right in the frame of two of my cameras. I have time-stamped the videos; the mountain lion was following only two minutes behind, probably keeping enough distance to avoid being seen or heard. Mountain lions are usually quite secretive and difficult to catch on camera so getting one during a hunt is incredibly rare.

“I have been filming this same buck for over two years now. It appears to have broken an antler this season, probably in a fight with another buck. I have also seen this mountain lion over the past six months or so, it is a juvenile and probably still learning the skills it will require to take down prey. I am pretty certain that the buck was able to get away this time, or the lion would not have returned a short time later, at least not without bringing its kill. To get clear, close-up footage like this during the day is really something, maybe a once in a lifetime occurrence.”

The coyotecams YouTube page showcases unique and interesting footage of Arizona wildlife. According to the coyotecams Instagram account, the person posting the footage is a Marine vet, tracker, and trail-camera enthusiast who states all footage is original and no baits or scents are used to attract wildlife.   

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