Small Dog Defends Woman During Horrible Bear Attack

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A Pennsylvania woman is in critical condition after a bear attacked her behind her home last week, but had it not been for her pet Chihuahua mix, ironically named "Bear," she'd likely be dead.  

The attack happened Wednesday night in Muncy Creek Township. Melinda Lebarron had stepped outside to have a cigarette and let her dog out.

When Bear the dog barked, LeBarron, looked around to see what had startled the canine.

Trent LeBarron, the woman's son, told the Associated Press, “The next thing she knew, she was on the ground getting slammed around."

The black bear dragged LeBarron about 80 yards through her yard, across a road, and into a thicket, while her little dog, tried to defend her by biting the black bear several times. 

The attack left a trail of blood that relatives later followed.

“As she said in her own words, the bear wouldn’t show her no mercy at all,” Trent LeBarron said. “It wouldn’t stop.”

Eventually LeBarron went limp, and the bear took an interest in the dog, giving her a chance to climb into a small bush. She then threw a stick to distract the bear and finally made her way home to call a relative for help. LeBarron suffered broken bones, cuts, bruises and multiple bites, 

“She’s stable now,” Trent LeBarron said. “She’s doing good, she’s actually doing very good. She has a long way to go and a lot of surgeries coming up.”

Bear the dog somehow got back into the home and was found whimpering beneath a bed. The brave little dog was also bitten several times and has a broken sternum and separated ribs.

 A large trap has been set to try to catch the bear responsible for the attack. 

Has your dog ever defended you from an aggressive wild animal? 

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