Stephanie's SHOT Pick: Próis Intuition System Featuring HECS Technology


Have you ever hunted an animal that spooked for no apparent reason? The wind was in your favor. You didn’t flinch. You did nothing to make the animal aware of your presence, yet it somehow knew you were in the area and fled anyway. I learned at the 2012 SHOT Show that quite possibly the animal spooked because it sensed your electromagnetic field.

All living creatures, including humans, emit a faint electromagnetic signal, and science has proven that some animals have the ability to detect faint EM signals. The new Intuition System by Próis features a revolutionary material called HECS Stealthscreen that actually blocks these electromagnetic signals, allowing you to get closer to the animals you’re hunting. Próis, a leading hunting and outdoor clothing brand for women, is the first hunting apparel company in the world to license the new technology.

When I first saw the Próis Intuition suit, I thought it was nothing more than a really cool-looking base layer. Its futuristic style caught my eye and prompted me to ask questions. Lucky for me, Mike Slinkard, president of HECS, LLC, was in the Próis booth at the time and explained to me the science behind the system. He said that the HECS Stealthscreen material contains 14 percent conductive carbon yarn to create something called a Faraday cage, which blocks the EM signals. Essentially the conductive grid is smaller than the height of the energy wave, which prevents it from passing through.

As you’ll see in this video, Slinkard actually took it a step further. He not only explained the technology behind the system, he demonstrated it using a machine that tested volunteers’ EM signals with and without the HECS Stealthscreen material. As you can see in the video, the use of the material no doubt makes a big difference with the equipment’s ability to detect the EM signals. I guess the big question is, will it make a difference on the hunt? What do you think of this technology? The Intuition System will be available this summer. Any of you lady hunters plan on trying this out next fall?