Stranger Saves Woman and Dog from Aggressive Buck

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The deer likely lost its fear of humans because people had fed it

A woman says a stranger came to her and her dog’s rescue during a scary encounter with an aggressive buck last week. Tawney Hilliard was hiking with her pup at Flying J Park in Conifer, Colorado, when a small buck approached her.

According to CBS4, the buck touched Hilliard with its antlers and refused to let her move. It even licked the dog’s face. When the woman tried to distract the buck and run away, it chased them down.

Fortunately for Hilliard and her dog, a man showed up and distracted the deer, leading it away from them.

As the man backed away with the buck following, Hilliard started recording a video.

“Doesn’t he seem, like, way too domesticated?” Hilliard asks.

“This is bad news,” the man says. “Someone is gonna get really hurt.”

Hilliard said she called police and under the video footage she posted she wrote, “I don’t know this man’s name but he saved us in a truly scary situation!!”

There is no news as to what happened to the deer.

Jason Clay, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman, told CBS4 that the deer was likely fed by people.

“This is clearly a highly habituated deer… That only happens when people feed them. It’s a chronic problem we deal with in that area, it is illegal,” CPW tweeted.

“When deer are fed by people, they’ll lose their natural fears of humans and they can become aggressive or demanding with people. That creates dangerous situations like what you see here in this video.”

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