Video: Dog and Raccoon Fight in Living Room, Knock Over Christmas Tree

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Aubrey Iacobelli discovered a raccoon in her Christmas tree at 4 in the morning, and it took over an hour to run the critter outside

Last Thursday morning, a Florida woman was awoken to something making noise in her Christmas tree. At first, she thought it was a cat but then realized the furry intruder was actually a raccoon. Fortunately for all of us, she filmed the encounter and the chaos that ensued.

According to, Tallahassee resident Aubrey Iacobelli discovered the animal, which likely came through her pet door, in her Christmas tree last Thursday at approximately 4 a.m.

In the footage, which she posted on Facebook, you can hear Iacobelli say, “C’mon, get out of my tree,” to the animal, which was hidden by several branches. “I swear, if you knock down any of my glass ornaments, cat!”

She then uses a frying pan to try and scare the animal out of the tree. When that didn’t work, she sprayed it with a bottle of vinegar and tried poking it with a figurine from her fireplace mantel.

About that time, she realizes that the animal she’s trying to scare out of her tree is not a cat.

“Is it a cat? No, it’s not a cat. What is that?” she asks, while guessing it could be a squirrel or a raccoon. “God, you guys, I’m afraid,” she exclaims.

She then unleashes her dog, which wrestles the raccoon from the tree. As the tree falls over, you can hear the dog yelping as it struggles with the furry animal. The raccoon flees to the living room, where it climbs onto the overhead light fixture. Iacobelli swats at the raccoon with a broom and it eventually jumps down and scurries out an open door, but not before leaving behind a mess.

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