Video Footage: Bear Repeatedly Enters Lake Tahoe Gas Station, Customer Smacks It on the Butt

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The large back bear also lunged at an employee who tried to keep it out of the store

Surveillance footage shows a number of dangerous close encounters between a large black bear and people at a Lake Tahoe gas station. 

Footage taken on Aug. 30 and shared by CBS Sacramento shows a bear lying on the Kings Beach Chevron convenience store floor devouring candy and crackers for approximately 20 minutes before leaving. 

Aug. 29 footage shows a bear lunging at Kings Beach employee Paul Heigh, who’d tried to prevent it from entering the store. A couple of weeks before, on Aug. 12, the bear can be seen going into the store and receiving a swat on the behind from a customer standing just outside the door.  

Heigh said the encounters are scary and that fighting off bears was not part of his job description.

“It was kinda scary, yeah, I’m not going to lie. It’s not in the job description no, not at all.”

Heigh has a right to be scared, as black bears can be extremely dangerous. In fact, I wrote about a black bear killing a woman just outside her Saskatchewan cabin a couple of weeks ago.

The gas station isn’t the only area that’s been visited by a bear. Video from Aug. 30 shows a bear inside a Kings Beach Safeway supermarket. It’s believed to be one of the same bears that has frequented other local businesses.

Ann Bryant with the BEAR League has reached out to both Safeway and the Chevron stores about how to prevent bears from entering.

“The bear should not be going into buildings where someone could shoot him or kill him or the Department of Wildlife could kill him,” Bryant said.

Bryant suggests putting out Pine-Sol as a deterrent and has advised the Kings Beach Safeway to disable its automatic doors.

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